CORIOview® Multi-Window Processors

CORIOview® Multi-Window Processors
CORIOview® – Multi-Window Processors (MWP) with 4K HDMI Output and up to eight analog/digital video inputs.

The tvONE CORIOview Series of MWP covers a range of functionalities and price points in many different applications and vertical markets. Whatever your application, from meeting/conference rooms, collaboration spaces, defense, command and control, healthcare, education, broadcast or live events – we have an innovative solution to fully meet your needs.

Make the most of your visual space with CORIOview; the fastest, most intuitive 4K multi-window processor with up to 8 sources. This easy to use, plug and play solution features 16 buttons for preset recall or source selection, making usability a breeze. Be the instant expert and avoid ‘AV moments’ with our unique info button that displays instant, on screen info of your source and window selection.

See below six versions of the CORIOview MWP or configure your own Made-to-Order version.

CORIOview® with Four Digital and Analog Video Inputs
CORIOview® with Four 1080p HDMI inputs.
CORIOview® with HDMI and Streaming Media Modules
CORIOview® with Four 4K HDMI inputs
CORIOview® with Broadcast Inputs.
CORIOview® with Two 4x1080p HDMI input Modules
CORIOview® MWP Chassis for Made-to-Order (MTO) Configurations
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