CORIOview® Multi-Window Processors

CORIOview® Multi-Window Processors
Introduction to CORIOview Multi-Window Processors
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The following pictures of CORIOview Multi-Window Presentations are best viewed on a computer or in "landscape mode" on a mobile phone or tablet.
Picture of Venue for Livestream Presentations - The Press Room

The picture above is a screenshot of the FC Barcelona Press Conference Room which has a 12-monitor video wall created with CORIOmaster. The 12 monitors display in high definition the logos of the sponsors and can be used to provide live feeds of the game.

Picture of a Full screen Livestream Presentation

Picture of a Livestream Presentation with Two Windows

Arrangement of Three Windows for a Presentation

Picture of a Presentation with Four Windows

Picture of a Presentation with Five Windows

Picture of a Presentation with Six-Windows

Example of Multi-Window Presentation with Eight Inputs

CORIOview® is the ultimate 4K Multi-Window Processor (MWP) which allows you to view up to eight (8) video inputs on a single screen. They are available in five configurations with HDMI 2.0 (UHD 4K) output or can be made-to-order with different video input and output formats. It is ideal for control rooms, meeting spaces, or anywhere else you need to display multiple video sources on a single screen. It is the perfect solution for any facility, whether it be a corporate, healthcare, industrial, broadcast, retail, education, security, or control room environment. It also has some capabilities for transforming and scaling video content, but the primary focus is on multi-source display on a single screen or configured to pass-through a clone of the display and can be daisy-chained to another CORIOview to increase the number of screens you can view.

CORIOview outputs 4K HDMI and can also be made-to-order with dual SDI, dual HDBase10, dual DVI-Universal (DVI-U), or quad 1080p HDMI output. The CORIOview can be configured with mixed input types, such as IP, HDMI, SDI, and DVI-U. DVI-U allows for digital HDMI or DVI-D and legacy analog video sources with Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video or VGA signals.

The CORIOview can also be made-to-order (MTO) with the following five output modules and a choice of one or two of seven input modules.

CORIOview Modules
    Output modules available for made-to-order configurations are:
  • HDMI 2.0 (UHD 4K)
  • HDMI (1080p)
  • DVI-I (1080p)
  • 3G-SDI
  • HDBaseT (1080p)
  • Input modules for made-to-order configurations include one or two of the following:
  • Two HMDI (UHD 4K)
  • Four HDMI (1080p)
  • Two DVI-U (1080p) for analog signals
  • Four 3G-SDI (1080p)
  • Four HD-SDI (1080i)
  • 2 HDBaseT (UHD 4K)
  • 2 AVIP (UHD 4K) for Internet Protocol signals

  • The CORIOview can be controlled with the CORIOgrapher software.

    The CORIOview Series of MWP covers a range of functionalities and price points in many different applications and vertical markets. Whatever your application, from meeting/conference rooms, collaboration spaces, defense, command and control, healthcare, education, broadcast or live events – we have an innovative solution to fully meet your needs.

    Make the most of your visual space with CORIOview; the fastest, most intuitive 4K multi-window processor with up to 8 input sources. This easy to use, plug and play solution features 16 buttons for preset recall or source selection, making usability a breeze. Be the instant expert and avoid ‘AV moments’ with our unique info button that displays instant, on screen info of your source and window selection.

    See below five off-the-shelf versions of the CORIOview MWP or configure your own Made-to-Order (MTO) version.

CORIOview® with Four 1080p HDMI Inputs and 1 HDMI 4K UHD Output
CORIOview® with Four 4K UHD HDMI Inputs and 1 HDMI 4K UHD Output
CORIOview® with 8 1080p HDMI Inputs and HDMI 4K Output
CORIOview® with Four Digital and Analog Video Inputs
CORIOview® with 8 SDI Inputs and 1 4K UHD HDMI Output
CORIOview® with HDMI and Streaming Media Inputs & 4K HDMI Output
CORIOview® MWP Chassis for Made-to-Order (MTO) Configurations
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