CORIOview® with HDMI and Streaming Media Modules

CORIOview® with HDMI and Streaming Media Modules
Item# MWP-4HiY-1Y

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The CORIOview MWP-4Hi-1Y combines Four 1080p HDMI inputs with 2 IP media streaming inputs or internal 4K media playback. Easily display all your mixed digital AV sources in stunning 4K quality.

The Four 1080p HDMI Module allows you to input one-to-four 1080p HDMI video signals.

The Streaming Module allows streaming inputs as well as playback of local media from internal storage or USB 3.0 devices. The module is quite simply a game changer and adding this module opens up a world of new possibilities for your CORIOviewr deployments. Create simpler systems, eradicate wires, make powering-up really simple and ease your control pain by using a single device.

The 4K HDMI output Module scales the video signals and outputs 4K HDMI