CORIOview® 4-Window Multi-Window Processor

CORIOview® 4-Window Multi-Window Processor
Item# C2-6104A

CORIOview® 4-Window Multi-Window Processor
The C2-6104A is a CORIOview 4-window Multi-Window Processor (MWP) with four CORIO2 scaling engines; it's not just a "multi-viewer," it's a multi-window processor. It has 5 DVI-U inputs, one for background or cascading and four for analog (composite video, s-video (Y/C), component (YPbPr), and VGA video) and/or digital (DVI-D and HDMI) video sources and is capable of displaying up to 4 different windows on a single screen. Each video window is capable of being sized, keyed, and layered to meet all viewing requirements.

Customized presentation is made easy with color borders and labels available on each of the 4 video windows along with an additional input for backgrounds and cascades, allowing for all 4 inputs to be used productively without sacrifice. Additionally, 4 still image stores are available and up to 50 preset views can be created and saved for later recall.

The C2-6104-A supports resolution up to 1920x1200@60Hz and HDMI and DVI-U (Universal DVI) for DVI-I, DVI-D, and DVI-A connections. The device also features pixel by pixel scaling. If you need SDI inputs for broadcast application, please consider the C2-6104 4-Window HD-SDI Multi-Window Processor..

    See the CORIOview unboxing of C2-6104A:
    See the CORIOview C2-6104A in action:
    Key Features of the C2-6104A CORIOview
  • 4-Window Processor
  • 4x High Quality CORIO®2 Scaling Engines
  • 5x DVI-U inputs (DVI-I, DVI-A, Composite and S-Video)
  • 5th input for background or cascading multiple units
  • Fully HDCP Compliant
  • 4x Internal Still Image Stores
  • DVI-D I/O support to 1920x1200,1080p@60Hz
  • DVI-A I/O support to 2048x2048, 1080p@60Hz
  • Analog supports RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, YPbPr
  • 10 User-definable Presets for quick setup
  • Motion Adaptive De-interlacing and Noise Reduction for YUV and YPbPr inputs
  • Color Borders and Source Labeling
  • Variable Image Zoom to 10X and Shrink to 10%
  • Per-pixel or Percentage Scaling Control
  • Autoset - Automatic Analog Picture Sizing
  • Chromakey, Lumakey, Genlock and Mix
  • Front Panel includes LCD, Menu Control and Quick- Setup features
  • Control via RS-232/RS-422/RS-485, Ethernet or Front Panel
  • CORIO Tool Suite compatible
  • Optional modules (e.g. for Tally input/output)
  • 1RU rack-mount case
  • Optional Tally Module