HD-15 to Terminal Block Solderless VGA Connector

VGA Male Solderless Terminal Block Connector
VGA Male Solderless Terminal Block Connector
Item# CD-MX15M

Our HD-15 to Terminal Block (part CD-MX15M) is a Solderless VGA Connector with male plugs. It is also available with a Female VGA connector.

See the video above and the installation tutorial below.

Click here to see an installation guide in PDF format.

See the Gif below for the steps to strip and connect the wires to the terminal block. The Gif may play once, so you may need to refresh this page. Also, you may be able to save the Gif:

The CD-MX15M has a Male HD-15 connector that is wired to a miniature terminal block. The terminal block allows you to simply insert the wires from the VGA cable and then tighten the screws to hold the wires in place.

A VGA signal is transmitted using five signals and their corresponding grounds. The terminal block connector has five inputs for the signals and for the grounds. The signals are labelled VHBGR and correspond to the Vertical, Horizontal, Blue, Green and Red signals. The VHBGR terminals are matched to the corresponding pins on the HD15 connector.

This solution allows you to terminate a VGA cable to a VGA connector without solder and can be used to repair a VGA cable or to run a VGA cable without the connector and then terminate.

Make sure you order the hood/cover if you do not want the cables and terminal block exposed, Part Number CD-MX915H.

Availability: ships same day.

See the tutorial below on how to connect the cable to the connector: