DB9 Male to Terminal Block Solderless DB9 Connector

DB9 Male Solderless Terminal Block Connector
DB9 Male Solderless Terminal Block Connector
Item# CD-MX9M

CD-MX9M is a DB9 connector with a male DB9 and a Terminal Block.

The male DB9 is connected to a terminal block allowing you to simply insert the corresponding wires into the terminal block and then tighten the screws on the terminal block.

This connector is also available with DB9 Female connector.

This solution provides you with an easy way to connecting new wires or repairing DB9 connectors.

Make sure you order the hood/cover if you do not want the cables and terminal block exposed, Part Number CD-MX915H.

Availability: ships same day.

Click here to see an installation guide in PDF format.

See the tutorial below on how to connect a cable to an HD-15 connector that is similar to the DB-9: