CORIOmatrix Modules

CORIOmatrix Modules
The CORIOmatrix Modules allow you to create a video and audio matrix routing system with the CORIOmatrix and CORIOmatrix mini chassis.

The CORIOmatrix scaled output modules provide Up, Down and Cross conversion between a wide variety of analog and digital video formats, including HDBaseT and 3G/HD/SDI.

See below the CORIOmatrix input and output modules for audio, video, SDI, and HDBaseT signals.

The Universal DVI-I (DVI-U) modules provide DVI-D connections and analog and digital video signals are input/output with the corresponding Universal DVI-I adapters.

Video signals are input/output with the Universal DVI-I adapters that connect to the Universal DVI-I modules. The DVI-I adapters are available for Composite, S-Video (Y/C), Component Video, VGA, RGBHB and HDMI. The DVI-D signals connect directly to the Universal DVI-I modules.

The input modules are painted black with white writing and the output modules are painted white with black writing.