Think Pad 600/760/770 Adapter

Think Pad DVD Enhanced Video Adapter
Think Pad DVD Enhanced Video Adapter

Video in/out cable for Think Pad 760/770 with DVD Enhanced Video Adapter.

Click on the picture to see a larger image...the picture is of the three pin connector that plugs into the IBM. The other side of the connector has an S-Video and an RCA jack. To give you an idea of the size of the connector, I took a picture of a ballpoint pen pointing to it. Now that's proprietary overkill if you ask me.

Note: This cable is compatible with the following IBM ThinkPads and docking station that require a mini 3-prong connector for video output.

- ThinkPad 600E

- ThinkPad 760

- ThinkPad 770 (9548)

- ThinkPad 770 (9549)

- SelectaDock III (3547)

It may also be compatible with other ThinkPad models that have the 3-pin jack - but check your manual first.

Note, this cable is only for video, for the audio see our PC audio cables below.

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