Our 27L0530 SS is compatible with the IBM ThinkPad T, A, R and i1400 Series. It's better than the "IBM ThinkPad RCA Video Cable"

IBM ThinkPad Series S-Video adapter cable
IBM ThinkPad Series S-Video adapter cable
Item# IBM-27L0530-SS

Our 27L0530 SS (part number) allows you to connect your IBM ThinkPad with "S-Video out" to your regular TV. It's a better design than the "IBM ThinkPad S-Video RCA Cable" discontinued by IBM.

French: Cable adaptateur s-video/composite de sortie de television

German: Gemischtadriges TV-Ausgangsadapterkabel

Italian: Cavo adattatore uscita TV s-video/composito

Spanish: Cable adaptador de S-Video a video composito

Also, check out our new Pro S-Video to 3 RCA is also compatible with the ThinkPads and provides you a one cable, straight-shot solution for both audio and video.

IBM does not ship you the "ThinkPad S-Video Cable for T, A or I series ThinkPads". We offer you a better solution - IBM's adapter has a female RCA jack and it's a cheap 5 inch cable that will cause signal degradation since you'll have to connect it to another cable. We've created the 27L0350 SS - the SS is for "straight shot" because you do not need additional cables to hook up. Plus, our 27L0350 SS is Gold Plated for optimum color signal transmission and corrosion resistance. Our adapter is also known as the 27L0351 and 27L0352.

Compelling Reason To Buy #4,700: "Compelling reason was that I could find it easily on the internet and I waited 2 hours for IBM to tell me they couldn't help."

Further proof that the nice people at IBM do not know jack about S-Video: on their ThinkPad Discussion Forum they refer to the adapter as the "S-VIDEO TO COMPONENT CABLE". Wrong - it's not "component" video but "composite" video. Who Ya Gonna Call now to get the best cable?

OK, Big Blue thought that if you could afford one of their ThinkPad T, A, R or i Series with "TV output S-Video" you would run down to your local high-priced tv/electronics store (with incompetent salespersons) and drop another 500+ buckos for an S-Video telly! Yeah, right.

So, even if you did have an S-Video TV, what about the other billion TVs that don't have S-Video? Like our TV at our winter cottage in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! OK, just kidding about the cottage.

What about your office or that hotel that you want to make a presentation and don't want to lug around a $4,000 projector?

Well, here's the answer: our exclusive S-Video to RCA adapter in 1, 6, 12 and 24 feet. A straight, one-shot solution that minimizes signal degradation that occur with couplings. Not like IBM's part number/FRU 27L0531 that's something out of the movie Dumb & Dumber.

We've got a special arrangement to bring you this adapter at our lowest price! "IBM" and "ThinkPad" are registered trademarks of IBM - our product is not a licensed product by IBM - but who gives? It works better! You can always buy IBM's licensed product - their five-inch plug will come in handy when you play "Pin the Tail on the Donkey".

OK, enough Big Blue bashing, after all, they created the personal computer and you know why you got an IBM ThinkPad with S-Video - now we just make it compatible with your regular TV.

If you're travelling to Europe soon consider getting the S-video to 3 RCA plus SCART adapter.

Before you order please click on the arrow button next to the "Size" if you want a size different than the "default" size of 6 ft. You can also select 1, 12, and 24 ft. - all for the same price.


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