eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method v3 (Bundle Version)

eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method v3 (Bundle Version)
Item# EMUEK32101

Product Name: eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method v3 (Bundle Version)
  • Brand Name: EMEDIA
  • Model: EK32101
  • Instant feedback shows whether user is playing the correct notes on melodies
  • Works with both electric keyboards & acoustic pianos
  • Interactive evaluation feedback--when using a MIDI keyboard user receives specific feedback on note & rhythm mistakes to help get it right the next time
  • Progress tracking--personalized reports show rate of progress, including scores for specific songs
  • Built-in recorder helps hear progress
  • Animated keyboard displays correct fingerings as the music plays or for any note or chord that is double-clicked
  • Audio tracks feature multi-tracks live recordings, colorful MIDI accompaniments & MIDI tracks that allow user to slow down or speed up the music
  • Full-screen lessons & videos
  • Features more than 100 songs
  • Dimensions: Length_8.95 Width_6 Height_0.1
  • Note :
  • Note : Product is discontinued

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