S-Video to RCA Converter - Female to Female

S-Video to RCA Converter - Female to Female
Item# FSV-FRCA-1

"S-Video to Composite" video converter is only 1 inch long and has female S-Video jack and female RCA jack. It is also available with a male S-Video plug and female RCA jack and with a female S-Video jack and a male RCA plug. See our silent movie below.

Advantages: Cheap.

Disadvantage: It's video only and requires coupling to additional cables that will cause signal loss. Remember that the key to quality video is to reduce processing steps and couplings, so consider our straight-shot S-Video to RCA adapters that are available in 6, 12 and 24 ft. lengths.

If you would like audio and video consider our Pro S-Video+Audio adapters or our S-Video to 3 RCA.

This adapter looks like a coupler since you need to join both an s-video cable and a regular video cable (with RCA plugs) in order to make the interconnection.

Note If you need to go from composite video to s-video consider our RCA to S-Video adapters.