HDMI to VGA plus Audio Convertor

HDMI to VGA plus Audio
HDMI to VGA plus Audio

Convert HDMI to VGA with Audio. Our convertor allows you to take the HDMI signal from many sources and convert it to VGA plus analog stereo audio. This convertor works with Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV3, and other sources with HDMI. It properly converts the HDMI signal (with our without HDCP) to the corresponding VGA resolution with stereo audio.

- Input on a Female HDMI or Male HDMI connector
- Output Video on a Female VGA HD15 connector
- Output analog Stereo Audio on a female 3.5mm connector

You can use our VGA with Stereo Audio cables to complete the connection to your HDTV with VGA or to a projector with VGA input.

This convertor does not require a separate power source since it gets its power Through the HDMI connection.