HDMI to AV Convertor

HDMI to AV Convertor

HDMI to AV Convertor
The HDMI to Audio and Video (AV) Convertor converts HDMI to Composite Video and Stereo Audio and allows you to connect equipment that can output HDMI (such as Laptops, Apple TV, Roku, X-Box, PS3 and other game consoles, iPhones, iPad, smartphones, and Digital-SLR cameras) to televisions or other equipment (such as regular TV, projectors and DVD recorders) that have composite video and stereo audio inputs. Some sources, such as the iPhone require an adapter to be able to output HDMI and then convert it to regular video and stereo audio with this converter.

- This product has an HDMI receptacle on one end of the convertor; this is where you connect an HDMI cable from your device with an HDMI output.

- On the other side of the convertor is a short cable with all of the connectors above, which include an S-Video male connector, Composite video and Stereo audio connectors. The cables are to connect to the INPUT jacks on your TV or DVR.

- Does this product support HDCP?
High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection (HDCP) may or may not be on the HDMI signal of your source. HDCP was designed to make it very difficult to copy content that has HDCP. There should be no issues to view content even though you may be recording the content with a DVD recorder. The results that you obtain may vary due to a lot of reasons, such as the type of content, the recording settings on the DVD, and the quality of the DVD. Also, when you record content that you are streaming there are other issues that may affect the quality, such as the bandwidth, Wifi, and internet connection.

We use it with many sources that have HDMI output, such as the Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and cable boxes. We also have used it with the Lightning to HDMI adapters for the iPhone and iPad and the Thunderbolt/DisplayPort to HDMI adapters for the MacBook Pro.

- Does this product change the aspect ratio?
This device maintains the aspect ratio of the original signal. Aspect ratio are usually 16:9 for "widescreen" and 4:3 for "square" monitors and TVs. We noticed that some content from Netflix were at "full" widescreen and some had black vertical bars on the sides - this is due to the fact that the original video from Netflix was not at a widescreen, 16:9, aspect ratio.

- Does this product work with computers?
Yes, some computers that have HDMI output may require you to set up an "external monitor" as opposed to an "HDMI monitor" in order to enable the HDMI output from the computer using this box. You can set up an "external monitor" in the display settings of the graphics card.

- What are the resolutions supported?
HDMI resolutions that are supported are:
- 480p at 60Hz
- 576p at 50Hz
- 720p at 50Hz and at 60Hz
- 1080i at 50Hz and at 60Hz
- 1080p at 50Hz and at 60Hz

Note: If you are using the HDMI output from a computer you need to set the VGA resolution to any of the following:
- 640x480@60Hz
- 800x600@60Hz
- 1024x768@60Hz
- 1280x1024@60Hz
- 1600x1200@60Hz
- 1920x1200@60Hz

Note on Power Supply: The power supply that ships with this unit has the two-prong US style power connector. The input on the power supply is AC 100-240V 50/60Hz and thus can be used world-wide with the corresponding plug adapter. The output is DC 5V, 1A.

If you need to convert from Composite or S-Video to HDMI then click here.

FBI Warning: Copying copyrighted material is against the law and also may be in violation of the Terms of Service of the source, such as the Apple TV and Netflix.

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