Apple Video Adapter for iBook

Apple Video adapter for iBook
Apple Video adapter for iBook
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This Video Adapter for the iBook features a "Mini VGA" connector on one end and composite video and s-video output on the other end. The Mini-VGA sort of looks like a USB "A" connector.

To connect the audio and composite video to your regular video (composite video) TV consider our Pro AV to 3.5mm cable.

To connect the audio and S-video to your S-video TV consider our S-video cable and our PC Audio Cables.

The picture shows the adapter on the left and the enlarged "Mini VGA" connector on the top right-side and the composite video and S-Video outputs on the bottom right-side.

This adapter is only for video.

- Requires iBook without an external reset button.
- Requiert un iBook sans bouton de reintialisation externe.
- Erfordert ein iBook ohnce externe Reset-Taste.
- Vereist een iBook-model zonder externe reset-knop.
- E necessario un computer iBook senza il pulsante externo di reset.
- Require un iBook sin boton de reinicio externo.

iBook Video Adapter / Adaptateur video / Videoadapter / Adattatore video / Adaptador de video.

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