Connect iPhone 5 to iPhone 7 to a TV

iPhone 5-7 TV Connection Kit
iPhone 5-7 TV Connection Kit
Item# IP5-AV-KIT

Connect iPhone 7, 6 and 5 to a TV with composite video or S-Video.

There are many ways to connect wirelessly your iPhone to a TV, but those require you to Airplay with an Apple TV. If you do not have an Apple TV or would like to connect with a "cable" solution, then consider this iPhone to TV kit.

  • See your iPhone with a lightning connector on a larger TV!
  • Also compatible with iPad 4, iPad Mini and iPod 7th gen.
  • No Apple TV required since you connect directly to practically any TV that accepts S-video or composite video.
  • It's practically "plug & play"
  • Record what you see on your iPhone with a DVD Recorder.
  • Connect to monitors that require a composite video input, such as car monitors.

  • Our iPhone Connection Kit allows you to view your iPhone's screen on a TV that has the standard composite video input on the yellow RCA connector. The kit also outputs an S-Video signal. You can view your iPhone's screen on a larger display and/or connect to a DVD Recorder or other device that has a composite video input.

    Note: on some televisions and DVRs the screen will flicker if you play videos and connect the audio cables at the same time; you may have to connect the audio from the iPhone/iPad/iTouch to separate speakers or just use the speakers from your iPhone - which are basically worthless. The issue is not with the product itself, but appears to have been done intentionally by Apple, to prevent people from "recording" the video with the audio...there are, however, ways to work around that issue...but that's another story.

    The iPhone AV Kit includes:
  • Lightning cable that connects to iPhone 5-7.
  • Lightning to video converter that outputs S-Video or composite video
  • S-Video, Audio and composite video cables.
  • Power Supply.

  • With this kit you can connect directly to a TV that has the yellow RCA jack for video or S-Video connection.

    Availability: ships same day.