Leadtek Compatible S-Video to Composite Video with Stereo Audio Cables.

Leadtek S-Video to RCA Convertor with Audio cables
Leadtek S-Video to RCA Convertor with Audio cables

Take the S-Video from your Leadtek card and the audio from your sound card and send both to your TV.

Some of the Winfast graphics cards only have an S-Video/TV out cable and you need this converter to go from an S-Video Signal to a Composite Video signal. Composite Video is usually input on a yellow RCA a/v phono jack.

Our SVA-3RCA convertor/adaptor features the following:

- S-Video to RCA convertor. This convertor takes the S-Video signal and converts it to Composite Video. It features a male 4-pin mini DIN plug on one end and a Male RCA plug on the other end.

- Stereo Audio from computer to TV cables. This adapter features a standard stereo 3.5mm plug that connects to the audio-out of your sound card and it takes the stereo audio signal to 2 RCA plugs; that way you can connect the audio to your TV our sound system.

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This adapter is available in 6, 12, and 24 ft. lengths for the same price.


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