Leadtek - Winfast Compatible S-Video to RCA Converter

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Leadtek adapters
Item# SVideo-RCA LK

Leadtek / WinFast / GeForce / NVIDIA Compatible "S-Video to RCA Converter" Cable.

If you need the Leadtek 6 pin adapter click on our "6 Pin Adapter for Leadtek" below.

This 4-pin S-Video to RCA converter cable has been tested by LeadTek and is recommended on their Leadtek Support page.

The LeadTek Support FAQs mention:

"A few models of the WinFast graphics cards only come with S-video TV-out, if your TV only can take RCA signal, you will need to use a S-video to RCA converter cable...We tested the cable offer from www.svideotorca.com and it works nicely. DO NOT use the S-video to RCA cable from your old graphics cards, a lot of time these cables are specially designed. It may not work."

Reason 4589 of why our product was purchased: "I attempted to use a Radio Shack S-Video to RCA Adapter to connect by Leadtek Geforce2 Computer video card to my television, but the picture on the TV displayed only in Black-and-White. I checked the discussion groups on www.dejanews.com and discovered others had similar problems. One person, with the exact same video card, mentioned that they purchased your product and verified that it worked in producing a quality color picture on their TV."

Available in 1, 6, 12 and 24ft. lengths. Just click on the arrow button next to "Length" to make your selection - 24ft. is the default length.


Leadtek S-Video to RCA Convertor with Audio cables
Leadtek S-Video to RCA Convertor with Audio cables SVA-3RCA LTK