Lightning to HDMI Adapter for iPhone 5 to 7, iPad 4, iPad Mini, or iPod touch 5 gen.

Lightning to HDMI Adapter
Lightning to HDMI Adapter
Item# MD826ZM-A

Connect your iPhone 6, 5, iPad 4, iPad Mini, or iPod touch 5th generation to the HDMI input of a display.
This adapter has a Lightning connector on one end. On the other end it has a female HDMI receptacle and a Lightning receptacle. The female HDMI receptacle is for the HDMI cable that you will need to complete the connection to your HDTV's HDMI input.

Question 1: Why does it have a Lighting receptacle? Because Video takes up a lot of energy. Consider connecting a Lightning to USB cable to the Lightning receptacle on this adapter or else you will run your battery down faster than you think.

Question 2: How long is it? It is about 6 inches long.

You will need a male/male HDMI cable to complete the connection. Order our Economical HDMI cables.

Note: You can't use an HDMI to Composite Video converter with this adapter. If you want to record or view the content on a regular TV or projector, then consider our exclusive Lighting to Composite Video converter.

Note: If your HDTV or other Display has a 15-pin VGA computer input, consider our Lighting to VGA adapter.

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