How to record Periscope videos

Periscope App
Periscope was selected as the 2015 App of the Year by Apple. It is an App purchased by Twitter that allows you to broadcast from your smartphone to the world live audio and video. It also allows you to view live or pre-recorded videos on your phone.

If someone set out to create an app to tap into your exhibitionist and voyeuristic personality, this is it. It allows you to "exhibit" yourself to the world (not necessarily naked) and to look at live or pre-recorded videos of other "scopers." The broadcasts are available to view on Periscope for 24 hours.

If you see a broadcast in Periscope that you want to view beyond the 24 hours it replays in the Periscope App let us know and we will record it for you; just send us an email or chat in our chat box below.

The Periscope search box allows you to search for people only; we created a PeriscopeSearchEngine™ that allows you to search for sunsets, concerts or do not have to search by people or location.

Sample Search topics:
Sunsets Women Sunrises
Driving Drunk Drunk Driving
At Beach Live Concert Preachers
Restaurant At a Bar Vegan
Skating Riding Bike Traffic Accident
At the Funeral Selfie Dancing At the Concert
Shopping A Movie Star My dream car
The Game How to Scopes Inspirational
Cooking See my Face Nude Beach

Contact us to for the links to the search topics.

An advantage of Periscope over any other social media platform is that it can be "live" and you can broadcast it publicly or privately world-wide.

I put together the following links to our products to show you how to save Periscope broadcasts to DVD.

What you need to record a Periscope video to DVD:
- An HDMI video output adapter for your smartphone to connect to our HDMI to AV converters, see below.
- Click here for the iPhone or iPad HDMI adapter.
- You can also get the AppleTV and "airplay" the video to the AppleTV and connect the AppleTV to our HDMI to AV converters below.
- Click here for our Universal HDMI to AV converter. If your DVD supports S-Video input use our HDMI to AV plus S-Video converter for higher quality recordings.
- A DVD recorder to connect the video output from our HDMI to AV converters.

See below for more information about Periscope:
What is Periscope?
It's an App for Apple iPhone, iPad and Android phones that allows you to broadcast live and see live or recorded broadcasts by anyone.

    What you will need:
  • An iPhone or Android smartphone with a camera.
  • The Periscope App
  • Wifi or cellular connection
      Heads up:
    • A cellular connection you will eat up a lot of data
    • Like any video App, using it will eat up a lot of battery. Make sure that you have one of our Portable USB Battery chargers.
  • A voyeuristic streak
    • Tell everyone that you are watching a live broadcast
    • The App shows that you have joined a live broadcast.
    • The App allows anyone to see your profile
    • The App allows anyone to see how many people you follow
    • The App allows anyone to see how many people follow you
  • An exibitionist personality
    • Most broadcasters have the camera facing them
  • Ugly. Ok, not all "scopers" need to be ugly, but you will be surprised at how ugly they look with their phone camera

Warning: Periscope consumes a lot of data and you can easily use over one Gigabyte of data in 60 minutes. For instance, a 16 minute broadcast used up 0.37 Gigabytes! Although you may use Wifi with Periscope, the default installation setting is to "enable the use of cellular data" and the app will consume cellular data, even if your phone shows a Wifi connection; you need to manually disable the use of cellular data.