Audio and Video RF Modulator Package

Audio & Video RF Modulator Package
Audio & Video RF Modulator Package
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Video RF Modulator Kit allows you to connect your DVD player (or other video sources) to a TV that only has a coaxial antenna input. If you connect your DVD player through your VCR you will get macrosplat since the VCR will enable the macrovision copyright protection.

Our Video RF Modulator Kit features the following:

1. Auto Switching. The Video RF Modulator will automatically sense the video signal and will switch from the aerial-antenna coax input to the video input.

2. Coaxial Antenna input. Unlike cheap "game rf modulators" you'll also be able to feed the external antenna input and the modulator will switch to the video input with the auto switching feature. You can also connect the VCR's coax antenna output, though you'll have to turn off either the VCR or the DVD player - you can't have both on at the same time.

3. Stereo Audio Inputs. Not like cheap mono modulators. Our modulator allows you to input the stereo audio from your audio device. Though the audio will be modulated to mono (since most TVs just have mono audio) you have the advantage of feeding both left and right audio channels.

4. Video and Stereo Audio Cable. The 6-foot long three-headed cable has RCA connector plugs. Color coded for easy plug-n-play. The cables allow you to interconnect the video and stereo audio. If your input device only has mono audio, then you can input either the left or right audio channel. Please note that this modulator has stereo audio inputs but the audio from the modulator is modulated to mono audio.

5. NTSC Video compatible. We currently do not have the European, or PAL version.

Sorry, we're out of the ginzu knives special...but if you bought all this at your local electronics store (if they had it) it would cost a bundle.

Note: We usually ship our brand of modulator, but we reserve the right to substitute our modulator for another brand modulator of equal performance. The actual product shipped may differ from the picture illustrated.

This product is only shipped to the USA & Canada.

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S-Video to RF Coax TV Package
Now that you've got a laptop how do you connect it to an TV that only has an "RF Coax Antenna Input"?

Click Here to see a printable diagram.

Our "S-Video to Coaxial" package allows you to take an S-Video and stereo audio from your laptop and plug it into the RF coax antenna input of your TV that you've had from the time of the dinosaurs.

The picture here shows what's included in the package: the power supply; one 6ft. coax cable; one 6ft audio/video cable with S-Video + headphone connector going to 3 RCA.

Note: If you're trying to go from an RF coax antenna signal to three RCA (video and audio) use a VCR.

The "S-Video to RCA" convertor is available in 6, 12, and 24 ft. The "S-Video to RCA" convertor plugs into the "Video In" on the modulator; this configuration allows you to take your S-Video Signal OR your Composite Video to an "RF Coaxial Antenna" input signal.

No need to go out and buy a TV that has S-Video or RCA jacks to use your devices that output S-Video or Composite video via RCA a/v phono jacks.

This kit is essential to connect your computer's TV-Out to your TV's coaxial antenna input. If you connect your laptops DVD output Through your VCR you will get macrosplat: the brightness will fade in and out since the VCR will enable the macrovision copyright protection.

Plug in other devices that output S-Video, such as laptop computers, the FlexCam Cameras or other cameras that output S-Video (SVHS).

With this package you have the complete solution for going from S-Video to TVs that accept standard RCA a/v phono jacks OR Coaxial only TVs.

- S-Video to RCA convertor (available 6, 12, or 24 ft.)
- Input for video
- Inputs for stereo audio (left & right). Note: the modulator modulates the signal to monoaural audio.
- Input for coaxial antenna via a threaded "F" jack
- Output to TV via threaded "F" jack - for coaxial cable.
- Power supply
- Auto Switching Feature. This eliminates having to hook/unhook your coaxial input into the back of your TV.

Before placing your order, please select the S-Video connector on your laptop (7-pin or 4-pin) and the length of the S-Video to RCA adapter that ships with this package; the default is 6 feet. The 12 ft. is 4.00 more and the 24 ft. is 8.00 more.

Note: This product is only shipped to the USA & Canada. Orders from Canada only ship via Global Priority Mail; free shipping is not available to Canada on this package.

Availability: Ships same day.
S-Video to RF Coax TV Package SV-RF-COAX-1
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