IRIS-AI™ for Security Services

IRIS-AI™ for Security Services
Do you monitor large areas like shopping centers, industrial complexes, or residential communities with vehicles? 🚗

Introducing IRIS-AI™ Mobile DVR, the ultimate security solution for your vehicles!

Imagine taking mobile security services to the next level. IRIS-AI™ Mobile DVR (MDVR) uses state-of-the-art technology to protect your security staff and your customers like never before.

IRIS-AI™ MDVR has a road-facing camera capturing crystal-clear footage with it's 2 mega-pixel lens. The road-facing camera incorporates vision-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) to maintain safe distances and warn the driver of potential hazards ahead.

But that's not all. Our driver-facing camera with Driver Monitor System (DMS) constantly monitors the driver's attention, alerting them to any signs of fatigue or distraction.

Need extra surveillance? IRIS-AI™ MDVR allows you to add an additional analog or IP camera, giving you comprehensive coverage for any situation.

Stay connected at all times with WiFi, GPS, and cellular connectivity. With your SIM card IRIS-AI™ MDVR can act as a WiFi hotspot and can provide live streaming to your control center when connected to our optional secure cloud hosting service.

IRIS-AI™ MDVR can revolutionized your security operations. The live streaming capabilities and advanced cameras give you unparalleled peace of mind.

Upgrade your security with IRIS™ MDVR today! Contact us at 1-956-566-4520 or email to

IRIS-AI™ MDVR - Protecting you with innovation, technology, and unwavering dedication to provide safety and security to your customers. Trust the experts in mobile security.

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