SAFEDRIVE-AI™ Dashcam - Enhance Road and Driver Safety with AI & Live View

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IRIS-AI™ - an Intelligent Road Information Systems

SAFEDRIVE-AI™ - an Intelligent Road Information Systems (IRIS)

    IRIS is the name of the Greek goddess of messages and travel and of SAFEDRIVE-AI™ - an Intelligent Road Information System (IRIS) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) which takes the dashcam concept to another level.

    SAFEDRIVE-AI™ is an intelligent vehicle windshield Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) that integrates the functions of an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and driver behavior monitoring into a single powerful solution. A dashcam without artificial intelligence is basically dumb camera.

    Advantages of buying SAFEDRIVE-AI™:
  • The option for remote Live View of the cameras.
  • US-based technical support.
  • No monthly fees, you own the SAFEDRIVE-AI™ and have the option for a monthly "Live View" subscription.
  • SAFEDRIVE-AI™ automatically starts recording while the vehicle is turned-on and can be set to continue to record after the vehicle is turned off.

  • The built-in Artificial Intelligence in SAFEDRIVE-AI™ actively monitors the road and driver to detect and provide warnings of potential hazards to help prevent accidents in the first place. SAFEDRIVE-AI™ is a state-of-the-art all-in-one mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) safety solution which integrates AI safety systems, high definition cameras, high capacity Micro-SD storage, GPS, WiFi, and Live View over cellular network.

    SAFEDRIVE-AI™ is a multi-camera advanced MDVR designed to protect your drivers and enhance road safety by integrating cameras with artificial intelligence and the option to live view the cameras via cellular network. It features a road-facing Advanced Dashcam (AD) camera and a Driver-Safe-Cabin (DSC) camera and an option to add two more cameras. With live view capabilities, dual MicroSD card storage, and driver safety features, it is ideal for police, emergency services, oil & gas transportation, school bus, public transportation, VIP transportation, ride-sharing services, recreational vehicles, and many more applications, including passenger cars.

    SAFEDRIVE-AI™ supports four (4) video channels:
  • Integrated road-facing camera with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).
  • Integrated cabin-facing Driver-Safe-Cabin (DSC) camera with Driver Monitoring System (DMS).
  • Two additional inputs for optional internal or external Analog High Definition (AHD) cameras
  • Who is driving? It's easy, just log in via a computer, tablet, or cell phone app and see a live view of the cabin camera!
  • Where's the vehicle? It's easy, with built-in GPS, you simply log in and see it on a map and view the cameras. GPS systems have been popular for a long time, but with SAFEDRIVE-AI™ you also have a view of the cameras!
  • What are the driving conditions? It's easy, just log in and see the view of the road.
  • How fast is the vehicle going? It's easy, the speed is displayed with the road camera!
  • How many warnings have been issued? It's easy, all the warnings issued can be displayed and analyzed in real time.

  • The biggest advantage of Live View comes from the Hawthorne effect. If the driver knows that the cameras can be observed, the driver's driving habits may improve, fostering a more cautious and responsible approach to the road. The Hawthorne effect is the phenomenon where individuals alter their behavior, often improving or modifying their actions, simply because they know they are being observed. SAFEDRIVE-AI™ has a built-in cellular LTE module which supports a SIM card from AT&T®, U.S. Cellular®, T-Mobile®, and Verizon®. Note: the Remote Live View option requires you to provide an activated "Machine-to-Machine" (M2M) SIM card from your cellular provider and purchase the Live View plan when you place your order. The cellular service is optional and is billed separately by your cellular provider.

    WiFi Support. SAFEDRIVE-AI™ has integrated WiFi to connect to an iOS/Android cellphone or tablet via Apps to configure the options or Live View.

    Driver Safety Features. The SAFEDRIVE-AI™ dual-cameras constantly monitor and detect road dangers and unsafe driving behaviors to help reduce collisions by alerting drivers with visual and audible warnings. With built-in AI warnings, hazards such as lane departure, potential forward collision, driver fatigue, phone usage, and more, are effectively identified. The recorded video can be used to train drivers. Note, the driver/cabin camera and audio can be turned on/off depending on your requirements, for instance, there may be a situation that there's no need to have the driver camera turned on. However, just having the drivers know that they can be observed helps promote safe driving! The AI warnings can also be turned on/off, for instance, while driving in town, the lane departure warning may not be necessary, however, for highway driving over a long time, the lane departure warning can be a useful warning.

    See other features below. SAFEDRIVE-AI - Features

    Live View via built-in cellular LTE module (AT&T®, U.S. Cellular®, T-Mobile®, and Verizon® SIM cards supported) with optional cloud hosting service. Requires installation of your SIM card.
    Built-in road-facing camera with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)
    Built-in Driver Safe Cabin (DSC) camera, which can be turned on or off
    Inputs for optional 3 or Analog High Definition Cameras
    Dual MicroSD card storage for an optional MicroSD card. One 128GB MicroSD ships with IRIS-AI and it can support up to 256GB per card, 512 GB total.
    Built-in accelerometer and GPS

    Specifications of SAFEDRIVE-AI - Intelligent Windshield DVR


    Image Sensors FRONT (ADAS): CMOS sensor
    IN-CABIN (DSC): CMOS sensor
    Resolution FRONT: 5 MP
    IN-CABIN: 1080P
    Maximum Resources Main Stream 720P at 20fps (ADAS) + 720P at 20fps (DSC) + 720P at 20fps (AHD) + 720P at 20fps
    SUB-STREAM 4 × CIF at 30fps
    Field of View (FOV) FRONT: H: 103° V: 71°
    IN-CABIN: H: 148° V: 82° D: 169°
    Storage 2 × microSD slots (256 GB max. each) for 512 GB for hundreds of hours of video
    LTE module 1 SIM Card slot, Machine-to-Machine (M2M). An activated M2M SIM card needs to be supplied by customer.
    Video Encoding H.264, H.265
    Audio Compression ADPCM/G.711/G.726
    Audio Integrated microphone (in-cabin camera only)
    Video / Audio Output 4-channel video (default: 2 channels; extended: 2 channels) + 1-channel audio
    Ports 1 × RS232, 2 × IO alarm input, 1 × CAN, 1 × speed
    GPS GPS L1 (1575.42 MHz), BDS B1 (1561.098MHz), GALILEO E1B/C1, GLONASS L1OF (1602MHz) SBAS: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN
    Accelerometer 6-axis
    Network Protocol HTTP, TCP, ARP, UDP, FTP, DHCP, DNS, IPV4, NTP
    WiFi 2.4 G and 5.8 G (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac)
    Power Requirement 9 ~ 36V DC
    Power Consumption ≤ 11.5 W (<8 W typical)
    Operating Temperature -40° F ~ 158° F (-40° C ~ 70° C)
    Dimensions (W × H × D) 4.76 × 5.3 × 1.9 inches
    Certifications Emark, CE-EMC, FCC-ID, PTCRB, ROHS, REACH, EN50155, AT&T, Verizon, CE-RED, UKCA

    List of industries and applications where Remote Live View would be beneficial:

    No. Industry/Application Description
    1. Transport & Logistics Fleet managers can use live video feeds to monitor drivers' behavior and cargo in real time, ensuring safe and efficient operations.
    2. Police and Emergency Services Police, fire, and ambulance services can use live feeds to understand the situation they are responding to better, improving the effectiveness of their response.
    3. Autonomous Vehicles Live feeds can be used for remote control or observation of self-driving vehicles during testing or troubleshooting.
    4. News Reporting News organizations can live-stream from vehicles during breaking news events, protests, or weather emergencies.
    5. Public Transportation Buses, trams, and trains could provide live video feeds to monitor passenger behavior and safety.
    6. Military & Defense Military operations could utilize live video feeds for surveillance or operational planning.
    7. Delivery Services Delivery companies can use this feature for real-time tracking and ensuring the security of their deliveries.
    8. Towing Services Live feeds can assist in monitoring towing processes and ensuring safety regulations are followed.
    9. Waste Management Services This technology could be used to monitor collection routes and identify any issues or missed collections.
    10. Ride-Sharing Services This could be used for safety monitoring and dispute resolution.
    11. Construction Industry Live feeds from trucks can help monitor the progress of site work or the transport of expensive materials.
    12. Event Coverage For covering live events such as parades, races, or festivals from unique perspectives.
    13. Sports Broadcasting In motor sports, cameras can be mounted on cars for live feeds, providing a driver's perspective to viewers.
    14. Wildlife Research Vehicles equipped with cameras in wildlife reserves can provide valuable data to researchers and also offer live experiences to viewers worldwide.
    15. Surveillance and Security For private security companies monitoring large areas like shopping centers, industrial complexes, or residential communities.
    16. Mining Industry In the remote operation of heavy machinery, live feeds are beneficial.
    17. Film Production For capturing dynamic shots in motion picture production.
    18. Field Services Utility and telecom companies can monitor field service work in real time.
    19. Environmental Monitoring Live feeds from vehicles could be used to monitor environmental changes or disaster areas.
    20. Armored Transportation Services Live feeds from armored trucks allow for real-time surveillance and monitoring of the truck's surroundings and improve safety of the driver and armored guards.
    21. Student School Bus Transportation Live feeds and real-time monitoring of the road, driver, interior and exterior surroundings help improve safety of the students and driver.

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