IRIS-AI™ for Waste Management Co.

IRIS-AI™ for Waste Management Co.
Empowering Your Waste Management Services with our Advanced Windshield IRIS™ Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR) system.

Our innovative IRIS-AI™ windshield MDVR system is designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and oversight of your waste management fleet.

Our MDVR system includes a road-view camera that features an Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS). This technology aids drivers by alerting them to potential road hazards, such as imminent lane departures or forward collisions, significantly improving road safety and reducing accident rates.

Integrated on the MDVR a cabin-facing camera equipped with a Driver Monitor System (DMS). Utilizing AI technology, this feature constantly assesses the driver's alertness levels, helping prevent accidents due to fatigue or distraction.

In addition, the MDVR has an input for an optional analog or IP camera which can be customized to your unique needs, such as monitoring waste collection operations or providing a view of the vehicle's surroundings, thereby boosting operational efficiency and safety.

Our MDVR system also includes GPS for real-time tracking of vehicles, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity for efficient data transmission. One standout feature is the ability to live-stream video over a cellular network. This allows your control center to monitor operations in real-time from a remote location, an indispensable asset for addressing on-the-spot changes or emergency situations.

    In summary, our windshield MDVR system offers:
  • 1. Improved road safety with the ADAS.
  • 2. Enhanced driver safety with the DMS.
  • 3. Increased operational visibility with an extra camera option.
  • 4. Real-time vehicle tracking with GPS.
  • 5. Instant data transmission with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • 6. Real-time remote monitoring with live-streaming.

  • Our team would be delighted to offer a comprehensive demonstration of this system at your convenience. Please let us know a time that suits you, and we'll organize it.

    Thank you for considering our state-of-the-art windshield DVR system. We are excited about the possibility of contributing to the safety, efficiency, and success of your waste management services.

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