Svideo's School Bus Solution

SafeDrive-AI IRIS™ for School Buses
Svideo's School Bus Solution: An Innovative Approach to Safeguard Student Transportation.

Take a stride towards enhanced school bus safety by implementing Svideo's state-of-the-art School Bus Solution across your fleet of school buses. This advanced system is endowed with extensive safety functionalities including Unattended Student Alert System, Driver Status Monitoring System, Blind Spot Detection System, Forward Collision Warning System, and Pedestrian Collision Warning System - all aimed at ensuring a secure commute for students.

The Svideo solution brings together technical mechanisms and manual checks by leveraging person count statistics, driver inspection, and automatic detection of remaining personnel onboard.

Further enhancing road safety, the system promptly identifies and rectifies poor driving practices like fatigue, smoking, or phone use by the driver. It achieves this through timely in-bus reminders, platform warnings, and personnel intervention, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

The Blind Spot Detection System is a prime feature, recognizing real-time movements of individuals near the vehicle and alerting the driver. This system concurrently triggers external sound and light alarms, urging pedestrians to steer clear from the blind spot.

The Forward Collision Warning System is another key component, alerting the bus drivers of lane departure risks and potential vehicle collisions in real time, enabling them to preemptively take safety measures.

The Pedestrian Collision Warning System plays a vital role during reversing, identifying pedestrians behind the bus and minimizing reversing safety hazards.

This system can be used as a stand-along system or can complement your currently installed legacy camera and recording system.

Lastly, this solution provides you with the option:
  • Real-time monitoring of the location of the bus with built-in GPS
  • Real-time live view of the road, driver and two other cameras

  • This system provides you with immediate situational awareness, it's like being there.

    Svideo's School Bus Solution introduces a revolutionary safety standard for student transportation.

    SafeDrive-AI™ Road & Driver Dashcam with AI & Live View
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