IRIS-AI™ for Dashcam for Trucks

IRIS-AI™ for Dashcam for Trucks
IRIS™ is an Intelligent Road Information System incorporated on a Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) system designed to significantly enhance driver safety with the integration of high-definition cameras with Artificial Intelligence, providing real-time information about road and driver hazards in order to avoid accidents.

Truck drivers have a bad reputation when the statistics for large truck crashes are only presented. But when you compare them with the statistics for passenger and light trucks, the numbers are not too bad, unless, of course, you are part of the statistics! In 2020 statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, reported the following:
Vehicle and (Type of Crash -
Fatal or Injury)
Number Involved in Crashes Casualties
Trucks (Fatal)
9,099 killed
Passenger Cars and Light Trucks (Fatal)
29,914 killed
Large Trucks (Injury)
146,930 injured
Passenger Cars and Light Trucks (Injury)
2,045,174 injured

These statistics have to be taken within context: there were 13,479,382 large trucks registered and 221,225,916 passenger and light truck vehicles registered in 2020. 🚚

IRIS™ boasts a road-view camera equipped with an Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS), which aids drivers by alerting them to potential hazards such as lane departures or forward collisions. It significantly reduces the chances of accidents, contributing to safer road journeys for your drivers and the cargo they carry.

In addition, IRIS™ features a cabin-facing camera integrated with a Driver Monitor System (DMS), also known as Driver Safety & Monitoring (DSM) solution. This uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to monitor the driver's alertness, aiding in preventing accidents caused by driver fatigue or distraction. The DMS alerts the driver if the AI notes drowsiness or distractions, such as from cell phone usage. This not only protects your drivers but also ensures the safety and on-time delivery of your cargo.

The system also offers an option to add two additional cameras, which can be customized to your needs. This could provide additional visual coverage of the vehicle's surroundings or the cargo area, further enhancing the safety and security of your fleet.

Moreover, our MDVR system is equipped with GPS tracking, giving you real-time location updates of your vehicles, and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for system configuration through an App. Plus, our system provides live-view capabilities over a cellular network, enabling you to monitor the situation in real-time from a remote location. This is especially beneficial in coordinating fleet operations and in case of emergencies.

    In summary, our Mobile DVR system offers:
  • Enhanced safety with ADAS and DMS.
  • Greater coverage with additional cameras.
  • Real-time vehicle tracking with GPS.
  • Seamless configuration with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Real-time remote monitoring with live view option.

  • Our team would be more than happy to provide a demonstration of this system at your convenience. Please let us know a suitable time for you, and we'll arrange for it.

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