SV-LCD70BA 7-Inch Monitor for Wide-Aspect Views of Two Cameras

SV-LCD70BA 7-Inch Monitor for Wide-Aspect Views of Two Cameras
Item# SV-LCD70BA
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The SV-LCD70BA-KIT consists of the 70BA 7-inch wide-screen monitor and an optional power cable. The compact flat screen monitor takes minimal space while providing you with a clear view of your most vulnerable areas. The monitor does not require a separate control box, allowing for a much cleaner and easier installation.
This monitor supports two camera inputs and is compatible with the following cameras:
Compatible with the following:
70BA-AHD Monitor - Analog High Definition
Screen Size 7"
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Resolution 1080p
Inputs Two camera inputs with switchable camera views
Control Box Integrated Control Box for clean and easy installation
Impact rating 13G Impact rating
Viewing Angles (U/D/L/R) 40/60/60/60
Brightness 500 cd/m2
Response Time 20 ms (at 77F [25C])
Contrast Ratio 800:1
On-Screen Display Controls Color, Brightness, Contrast, Volume
Backlight LED Backlight produces brighter images and consumes less power
Sensors Up to Two Sensors Automatically Trigger the display of alternative camera views
Dimensions 7.68 x 4.65 x 2.32 inches

If you would like a 5.6 inch screen, consider the SV-LCD56BA-AHD.