7 Inch Waterproof Monitor for up to 4 Cameras EOL

SV-LED7-WS Waterproof Monitor with up to 4 Camera Inputs
SV-LED7-WS Waterproof Monitor with up to 4 Camera Inputs
Item# SV-LED7-WS

The LED7-WS waterproof monitor offers exceptional performance and versatility. With its 7-inch display and IP66 rating, it ensures clear visibility in various weather conditions. The monitor supports up to 4 cameras, providing drivers with switchable full-screen views for comprehensive safety without any blind spots.

Equipped with 4 automatic trigger wires, the LED7-WS seamlessly displays the camera's view when turn signals are used or when shifting into reverse gear. It also features normal and mirror imaging options, a volume-adjustable speaker, and auto-backlight adjustment for optimal convenience and usability. Whether you operate in transportation, logistics, or any other industry, the LED7-WS is a valuable addition to your fleet.
This monitor supports four camera inputs and is compatible with the following cameras:
Compatible with the following:
LCD Specifications
LCD Size 7 in.
Display Type TFT LCD with wide-angle viewing
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Resolution 1024 3 (RGB) 600
Contrast 800:1
Brightness 500 cd/m2
Viewing Angle Up: 85 / Down: 85 / Right: 85 / Left: 85
Dot Pitch 0.1506 (H) 0.1444 (V)
Camera Inputs 4
Camera Input Formats 1080p and 720p @ 30fps, 1080p and 720p @ 25fps, PAL, NTSC
View Modes Normal, Vertical, Mirror
Backlight Automatic adjustment
Trigger Signal 4 trigger wires
Audio Yes; integrated speaker
IP Rating IP66
Power Consumption <10W
Power Input 10 ~ 32V DC
Anti-Vibration ISO-16750-3 Max 6.3G
Operating Temperature -4 F ~ 158 F (-20 C ~ 70 C) RH 90%
Storage Temperature -22 F ~ 176 F (-30 C ~ 80 C) RH 90%
Dimensions (W H D) 7.76 in. 5.17 in. 1.33 in.
Weight 1.5lb