Hybrid Video Recorder with input for 5 cameras.

SV-4000-HVR - 4 Analog and 1 IP Camera Video Recorder - Contact us for price
Note: This recorder has been replaced by SV-4401-HVR that supports input for four Analog High Definition (AHD) and one IP Camera and 1 TB storage on two optional 512 GB SD cards.

The SV-4000-HVR is a Hybrid Video Recorder (HVR) has input for 4 Analog High Definition (AHD) cameras and an additional IP camera. Features integrated GPS and up to 512 GB storage on two optional 256 GB SD cards.

The Analog High Definition (AHD) camera input can support 720p resolution and the IP camera input can support 1080p resolution.

The recorder can be set for continuous, scheduled or event-based recording. The recorder also features pre-event and post-event recording.

Note: contact us for the specific cameras that work with this system or let us know what systems you have installed and we will provide the adapters to connect to the Hybrid Video Recorders.