S-Video or Composite Video to XVGA convertor with Audio Inputs

Video to XVGA and Audio
Video to XVGA and Audio
Item# SV2VGA-Audio
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Our S-Video (and Composite Video) to VGA convertor supports 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions. It has the same functionality as our famous video-only box but also adds audio input and output. Please read specifications below.

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Video to VGA
Video to VGA PN-SV2VGA
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Details of Video to XVGA:


- DC for connecting two-prong power supply. Power supply included.

- VGA in through 15 pin HD receptacle for connecting to the VGA card. A three foot 15 pin HD cable (male-to-male) is included.

- Line in through 3.5mm for connecting to sound card's speaker out or line out.

- S-Video input through 4-pin mini Din receptacle.

- Composite video input through yellow RCA jack.

- Audio input jacks (red/white RCA jacks) for left/right channel to connect DVD, VCD VCR or game machine's audio out.


- Monitor output jack (Female HD15).

- Speaker output through a 3.5mm jack.


- Video or PC mode selection button.

- Composite video or S-Video selection button.

- System reset button.

- Brightness setting button.