Comparison of Video Formats

Pro S-Video Comparisons with Regular Video
We've created this page to illustrate the difference in video formats and video inputs.

The infamous FBI warning about copying DVDs (that you can't fast-forward from thanks to CSS) was captured using different connections described below.

In order to see a larger image, click on the picture.

The original BMP files show the following differences better:

- Upper Left Hand Picture: S-Video-to-S-Video cable, using our dual 75 ohm cable. The resolution is excellent and the letters are bright. If you wanted to optimize the conversion of "Composite Video to S-Video Decoder" then you need to consider our active Composite Video to S-Video Converter below.

- Upper Right Hand Picture: S-Video to RCA adapter by The picture is not as bright as svideo, but it's brighter and has less cross-color than the composite video pictures below. In addition, though not quite visible here, this adapter substantially reduces the dot-crawl pattern visible using composite video cables.

- Lower Left Hand Picture: Composite Video using Monster's 6 ft. SV1 75 ohm video cable. The images appear not as bright as the pictures on top; there's some noticeable cross-color artifacts due to the dot-crawl that's visible over the reds.

- Lower Right Hand Picture: Composite Video using our 75 ohm 12 ft. composite video cable. The results are similar to the comparison with the Monster cable.

The moral of the story is why pay for a composite video cable when you can get a brighter and better picture using our "S-Video to RCA" adapter? Our adapter allows you to use the S-Video output of your DVD and connect it directly to the composite video input of your non-svideo television.

What's the point? Well, you save several hundred dollars instead of going out and buying a TV with S-Video and you enjoy better video. And if you're going to get an S-Video TV, might as well enjoy it with the best S-Video cables.

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