S-Video Plus Stereo Audio Over a Single Cat5 Cable

S-Video and Audio over Cat 5 - SVSA-RJ45
S-Video and Audio over Cat 5 - SVSA-RJ45
Item# SVSA-RJ45
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Send S-Video and Stereo Audio over a single Category 5e cable. Order online through our secure server.

- Less signal loss over long runs.
- Use your building's structured cabling.
- Neater and faster cabling.
- More variety of CAT5 cable to meet your building's code.
- Transmit up to 1,000 ft. via Cat 5e
- Each balun has one s-video jack for video and 2 RCA jacks for left (white) and right (red) audio signals.
- Each balun has one RJ45 jack to connect to an RJ45 plug on a Cat 5e cable.

This product uses the four pairs in a CAT5 cable.

If you just need to send the S-video, then consider our S-Video Balun.

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