S-Video to BNC adapter in Male-to-Female version.

S-Video Male to BNC Female Adapter
S-Video Male to BNC Female Adapter

S-Video Male to BNC Female Adapter
SV-BNC-MF Adapter. This adapter features an S-Video male (4-pin mini DIN) on one side and a BNC female connector on the other side. It allows you to bi-directionally convert s-video to composite video and maintain the color signal.

  • Male S-Video Plug (4-pin mini DIN)
  • Female BNC Jack
  • Measures 2.5inches, end-to-end
  • Gold/nickel plated connectors
  • Enclosed in a molded case.

  • If you need an RCA connector consider our S-Video to RCA adapter for a straight-shot solution for going FROM an S-Video source to a composite video destination. The "S-Video to RCA" was optimized to go from S-Video to RCA and will result in a superior picture than a bi-directional convertor.

    Availability: Ships same day.

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