Female S-Video to Male RCA Convertor

S-Video Female to RCA Male Converter
S-Video Female to RCA Male Converter

Female S-Video to Male RCA features a specialized video circuit to maintain the color signal. This version measures 1 inch but you can attach it to an S-Video cable to complete the link.

Advantages: Very economical.

Disadvantages: Requires additional cables that add to the overall cost of the link.

- Additional cable connections may result in signal loss or introduction of video artifacts due to impedance differences. The coupling can result in a black/white signal.

- Does not transfer audio.

For a straight-shot solution that includes audio consider our Pro S-Video + Audio to 3 RCA.

This adapter was optimized to go from an S-Video signal to a composite video signal. If you want to go from a composite video signal to an S-Video signal, consider our RCA to S-Video adapter.