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Our "S-Video to SCART" adapter gives you colour and works with PAL, SECAM, and NTSC video formats and it includes the cables pictured. It's better than any "PC/DVD SCART Converters" sold in Europe that only provide a black/white signal and there's no need for you to spend more money on an S-Video TV. Our S-Video to SCART cables are RoHS compliant.

Comment on order 127042 from Ireland: Rating: Excellent. A very professional service, and I will be recommending s-video to anyone that needs home entertainment equipment. The free global shipping is unheard of over here - superb!!

Comment on order 126088 from United Kingdom: Rating: Excellent. Outstanding service. More than happy with the delivery time to the UK. At last I get colour on external screens from the laptop.

Comment on order 123779 from Norway: Rating: Excellent. I was a little nervous ordering a european video adapter from the US, but everything arrived in a timely fashion and worked exactly as described. I would absolutely shop with them again.

Are you getting black/white video only when using a SCART adapter? Our Pro S-Video to SCART adapters are guaranteed to provide you with a colour signal.

A SCART connector only supports composite video and connecting an s-video cable to a SCART that has an "s-video" receptable will result in a black and white signal. So, how do you get a colour signal? Get our exclusive "S-Video to SCART" adapter that provides you with a colour signal.

If you are going from a SCART video source to an S-video display, please consider our SCART-out adapters.

Our adapter is compatible with all graphics cards that output s-video Through a 4-pin or 7-pin "s-video out" connector.

We're the exclusive manufacturers and ship world-wide - see our many Shipping Options.

Go from your S-Video devices to the SCART socket on your TV. Peritel is another word for a SCART connector.

Our "S-Video to SCART" adapter consists of our "Pro S-Video+Audio" convertor and a specialized SCART adapter.

Unlike "S-Video to SCART" adapters sold in Europe and Australia (that provide you with a black/white signal) our adapters allow you to transmit the COLOUR SIGNAL.

A comment from a customer from the UK: "This cable is far better than one I bought in the UK and when playing DVD's or viewing pictures the quality is superb. It solved my no colour or high colour bleed problem with the other cable."

A comment from a customer from Sweden: "I was pleasantly surprised to find that my previously black & white signal with a normal SVIDEO->SCART adapter turned out in full blazing colours with this one. I took a leap of faith with this buy, and it turned out just fine, I can't stop using my TV-Out now :) All in all, a very good buy."

A commnet from customer 26985 from Australia: "I needed an S-video to SCART adaptor to hook my DVD player up to my Sony 1031QM Projector. Hooked it all up and up came my picture in beautiful colour. Thanks Guys."

A comment from a customer in the UK:"I recently bought a S-video to SCART adaptor for working with an HP notebook in Europe that was giving only B&W pictures on TV-out. Your product arrived in the UK within 5 days of the order and worked first time. Thanks to someone who knows what their talking about and can provide the required solution quickly, effectively and without fuss, unlike a lot of HP support staff!"

A Rating from customer # 25675 from the UK: "Rating: Excellent. Comments: Arrived on time, cable works, 1/4 price of the UK and that includes shipping!

A comment from a customer from Germany: "Your cable works fine! I've bought at german electronic seller (Media Markt) a cable that did not work. I have a new Philips Television and an new Gericom 1.2Ghz. WebGine Notebook but only black and white DVD. At MediaMarkt they told me I have to change the video modes within NoteBook BIOS (PAL/SECAM) or to change the input mode of the TV, but this was not possible because the TV does not offer different modes. I don't believe that the cable is correct. The computer manufracturer does not have an idea what to do. Today I received your cable and I could not believe it but it run's absolute correct! So I can tell every guy from germany: You can buy it! It will work! In german. You can copy it to your website":

"Ich habe es auch nicht geglaubt aber mit Hilfe dieses Kabels kommt Farbe ins Bild. Der Versuch in Deutschland ein entsprechendes Kabel zu bekommen war zum Scheitern verurteilt! Die H___ler bestanden darauf, dass entweder der Fernseher oder der Computer schlecht oder inkompatibel seien! Naja, das ist wie ich nun wei quatsch!

Das Kabel ist empfehlenswert!"

The adapter properly mixes the S-Video signals so that you get a COLOUR video signal going into the SCART adapter and COLOUR going to your TV.

Our adapter will work with both PAL and NTSC signals. For instance, you might have a European TV that accepts either PAL or NSTC signals via a SCART connector and you may have either a PAL or NTSC video source - our adapter will work with either system.

Availability: ships same day. Arrives to most of Europe and Australia is 3 to 5 days; to Italy it's 10 to 15 days.

Available in 6ft. (1.8m), 12ft. (3.7m) and 24ft. (7.4m). Select the type of S-Video output on your computer, 4-Pin or 7-Pin.


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