Thunderbolt™ or Mini-DisplayPort to DVI Adapter

Thunderbolt/Mini-DP to DVI Adapter
Thunderbolt/Mini-DP to DVI Adapter
Item# TB-DVI

Thunderbolt™/Mini-DisplayPort to DVI Adapter for certain Apple products that have a Thunderbolt or Mini DisplayPort connector.

Many new Apple products have Thunderbolt™ connector to allow you to connect to Thunderbolt™ capable displays. Use this connector to connect to non-Thunderbolt displays that have a DVI or HDMI connector. You will also need an optional DVI to DVI cable or DVI to HDMI cable to complete the connection.

Please note that Thunderbolt™ is a technology that allows you to send high-speed data to other Thunderbolt™ capable displays. You can't use this adapter to connect a DVI video source to a display that requires a Thunderbolt™ cable.

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