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Thunderbolt Cable and Adapters
Thunderbolt™ technology is a "technology" that increases data speed input/output between equipment that support Thunderbolt™ Technology. For instance, Thunderbolt™ can pass two channels of data at 10 Gbps of throughput versus USB 2.0 that can only support 480 Mbps. The higher the transfer data the more time you save. Current products that support Thunderbolt™ are certain portable hard drives and the Apple Thunderbolt display. The reason you want Thunderbolt™ is speed, in particular if you need to transfer large files between your computer and hard drive that support Thunderbolt™.

Note: Do not confuse the Thunderbolt products with the "Lightning" products for the iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th generation or iPod nano 7th generation.

Thunderbolt™ requires that your input and output device support Thunderbolt™ and that you use a Thunderbolt™ cable; the cable has a chip that allows it to communicate between the devices. Thunderbolt™ cables come in two versions: copper and fiber. Thunderbolt copper cables are available in 1 to 3 meters (basically 3 to 9 feet). Thunderbolt fiber cables are available for longer runs, usually 10 to 30 meters (30 to 90 feet). We will sell all the cables below as soon as they are available.

Hundreds of products will incorporate Thunderbolt™ technology. Apple products that incorporate Thunderbolt™ technology are the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac mini. Make sure to ask before you buy if your Apple product has Thunderbolt™ technology. Check the ports on your Apple product and look for the grey Thunderbolt™ logo that looks like the sign printed on the Thunderbolt™ Cables and your Apple Thunderbolt connector:

The Thunderbolt™ connector is identical to the Mini DisplayPort connector, however, you need to verify that your equipment supports Thunderbolt™ to connect it to other Thunderbolt™ devices with a Thunderbolt™ cable.

See below some of our adapters, cables and other devices you can get to connect your Apple product that has Thunderbolt™ technology. Please note that the higher "thunderbolt" data speed is only available between equipment that both support Thunderbolt™. Some of the adapters below allow you to use the Mini DisplayPort connector to connect to devices that do not support Thunderbolt™.

Thunderbolt™ is a trademark owned by Intel® Corporation.

Thunderbolt Cable
Thunderbolt Cable MC913ZM
Thunderbolt 30 Inch Cinema Display Adapter
Thunderbolt/Mini-DP to HDMI with Audio Adapter
Thunderbolt/Mini-DP to HDMI with Audio Adapter TB-HDMI-AUDIO
Thunderbolt/Mini-DP to HDMI with Audio and DVI Adapter
Thunderbolt/Mini-DP to HDMI with Audio and DVI Adapter TB-HDMI-DVI-AUDIO
Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter
Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter TB-VGA
Thunderbolt/Mini-DP to DVI Adapter
Thunderbolt/Mini-DP to DVI Adapter TB-DVI