RapidRun Digital - Discontinued

RapidRun Digital - Discontinued
The RapidRun Digital Series has been discontinued. Please consider the RapidRun Optical Series for HDMI and DVI Digital.

RapidRun Digital products allowed you to run HDMI or DVI signals from 6 feet to 100 feet. The RapidRun Digital cables can also be installed "in-wall" or in "plenum" spaces with the corresponding cables. The RapidRun products include "Flying Leads" that connect to the "Runner" cables. The Runner cables connect to another Flying Lead or to a wall plate to complete the connection.

There are two kinds of Flying Leads and Wall Plates:
  • Passive for distances up to 35 ft.
  • Active for 35 to 100 ft. You only need one Active Flying Lead or Wall Plate at the display side.