Discontinued-Component to S-Video or Composite Video Converter

Discontinued-Component to S-Video and Composite Converter
Discontinued-Component to S-Video and Composite Converter
Item# 74-111-602
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Component Video to S-Video and Composite Video Converter. (Discontinued)

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The 74-111-602, (aka YPBPR2CSV and COMP-SVC) allows you to convert Component Video to S-Video and Composite Video. This product is required any time you need to convert Component Video to S-Video or Composite video. For instance, there are many new DVD players that do not output s-video and you may need to connect to s-video or composite video input on a TV, other display or DVD Recorder.

Click here for the manual of part 74-111-602 in PDF.

This product is a plug-and-play automatic video converter that provides instant decoding of the high quality Component Video signal to S-Video and Composite Video to facilitate the viewing of video content on televisions, projectors or other devices that do not have component video input.

This product can also be used with cameras or set-top boxes (such as the original Apple TV) that output component video. Read details below.

Availability: Discontinued

Details on the "Component Video to S-Video/Composite Video Converter:

This is a "must have" product for devices that output 480i Component Video and you want to connect to TVs or other devices that only have S-Video or Composite Video. For instance, with this product you can enjoy the origianl Apple TV on any standard TV that has S-Video or Composite video.

To see a Video of the how to select the 480i TV Resolution on the AppleTV click here. Flash is required to view the video that will open in a new browser window.

Our convertor was desinged by svideo.com in the USA and it is made in the USA.

This converter takes the component video output from sources that output 480i Component Video, (such as the Apple TV, Vudu, Tivo HD, Wii, DVD Players or other sources that can output 480i) and converts it to S-video and composite video. In addition, once you have the video converted to composite video you can connect the video to an RF modulator and thus it can be used to input into TVs that only have an RF Coax input.

How it Works:
1. Connect your Component Video Source (at 480i) to the converter using component video cables.
2. Connect the S-Video output from the converter to the S-Video input or composite video input.
3. Connect the power supply to the converter. The 9V AC Power Supply is included.
4. Connect the audio from your audio source directly to your TV.
5. Select the 480i TV Resolution on your video source.

Note: if using this product with the Apple TV you need to first disconnect the power cord on the Apple TV so that the Apple TV will reset itself and allow for the 480i component video option. Do not connect an HDMI cable to the Apple TV as it will then block the 480i option on the Video Settings of the Apple TV; until you again disconnect the power cord on the Apple TV.

Our converter features automatic NTSC/PAL video format detection and is available with US or European power supplies.

Note: this converter only converts from Component Video to S-Video and Composite Video not from S-Video to Component Video. To see our "Composite Video & S-Video to Component Video Converter" click here.

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