CORIO DVI Male to 4-pin S-Video Adapter

CORIO DVI Male to 4-pin S-Video Adapter
Item# ZDS2046

"YC" S-Video Adapter for CORIOmaster and CORIOmatrix products only.

This adapter has a DVI Male connector on one end and a 4-PIN Mini-DIN Female connector on the other end.

It will not work with non CORIOmaster and CORIOmatrix products.

It is similar in function to the CORIO DVI to 2 BNC adapter but has the 4-Pin mini DIN female connector for S-Video.

Note: This adapter passes through the S-Video signal to the corresponding CORIOmaster/matrix module that does the conversion from the analog s-video to the digital signal required for the CORIOmaster/matrix series of products. This adapter, by itself, does not convert S-Video to DVI or vice-versa.

Note: This adapter is compatible only with the CORIOmaster/matrix series. This adapter will not work with non CORIO-series products.

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