HDMI over Fiber

HDMI over Fiber
Why do you want to send HDMI over Fiber? Because you want the best possible uncompressed signal over any distance. You can send the signal a lot farther with fiber-optic cable than with copper cables and are not affected by electromagnetic interference or ground loops.

There are two ways of sending an HDMI signal over Fiber:

  • 1. Use special optical cable for a point-to-point connection with no "local" display connection. This optical cable is available in lengths from 35 ft. to 1,000 ft. and has a Mini DisplayPort connector on each end. There are Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters for the transmitter and receiving ends. The receiving adapter requires a power supply. Although this optical cable may be less expensive in short-run application it does not offer the distribution options or distance of the Voyager transmitters and receivers that are comparable in price.

    Link to download PDF of HDMI over Fiber Cables.

  • 2. Use the Voyager HDMI over Fiber 2 Port or 4 Port Transmitters and Receivers for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections. The Transmitters have an output for a "local" display and also have the capability of embedding or de-embedding the analog audio signal on the HDMI. This is the most versatile solution since you can send the HDMI signal from a few feet to up to 99,000, depending on the fiber cable and mode.

The Voyager HDMI over Fiber transmitter and receivers allow you to send HDMI or DVI over multi-mode fiber-optic (MMF) or single-mode fiber-optic (SMF) cables. The Voyager HDMI over Fiber transmitters and receivers are available in "compact" and modular configurations.

The Voyager transmitters also function as HDMI Distribution Amplifiers and are available in 1x2 or 1x4 configurations with the optional fiber modules.

Multi-Mode fiber-optic modules allows you to send the signals from up to 1640 ft. to up to 6600 ft. depending on the fiber cable.

Single-Mode fiber-optic allows you to send the signals from up to 13200 ft. to up to 99000 ft. depending on the fiber cable.