Tool less Video Balun

Tool-less Video Balun BL4850
Tool-less Video Balun BL4850
Item# BL4850

Send video over unshielded twisted pair, such as Cat 5 cable with Tool-less balun.

The BL4850 is a patented UTP-CAT5/6 video balun that requires no tools and connects in seconds. Patented. It is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

This is the most popular balun since there are no tools required. You do not have to connect an RJ45 connector to the Cat5 cable - you simply strip the Cat5 cable and select the same pair of wires for each end and insert the pair of wires into the balun and snap it shut.

- Patented
- Send Composite Video up to 2000 ft. using CAT5
- Tool-less
- No wire stripping required
- Two stage surge protection
- Designed for use with solid 24 AWG wire
- BNC Connector
- Compact, measures 54.6mm x 14.6mm x 17 mm

Note: Two are required, one at each end of the CAT5.

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