S-Video to Composite Video, 24 ft. Free Shipping.

S-Video to Composite Video, 24 ft.
S-Video to Composite Video, 24 ft.
Item# MSV-MRCA-24

Exclusive Male S-Video˘ to Male RCA (composite video) Convertor, 24 ft. length. We only sell direct to you from our factory; no sales to distributors, dealers or resellers.


Note: if you would like to have broadcast quality audio and video, consider our Pro S-Video to 3 RCA cables below.

This S-Video to Composite Video adapter can be used with any device (such as a laptop with S-Video/TV-out) that outputs s-video and you want to connect it to a TV that has composite "RCA" type video jack.

Note, our S-video to Composite Adapter can also be used with the PowerBook G4. The S-video to composite adapter enables PowerBook G4 users to connect to a television, VCR, video projector that features a composite connector.

Some new PowerBook G4 systems with an integrated DVI port may not have the S-video to composite adapter included in the accessory kit as stated in the product manual. If your PowerBook G4 did not come with an S-video to composite adapter, use this Web page to order a replacement.

If you did not receive a S-video to composite adapter with your new system, please use this page to order it. You can also order different lenths of this adapter below.

This adapter plugs into the 4-pin or 7-pin "s-video out" jack of your laptop/notebook/desktop (or other s-video source) and into the yellow video-in jack ("RCA" type jack) of your TV.

This adapter allows you to take an S-Video signal and convert it to composite video. It maintains the color signal.


- Use your laptops' DVD S-Video-TV out to connect to a regular television.

See our Pro series cables if you also want to send the audio signal from your laptop to your TV.


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