500302 CATV Broadband Transceiver for Broadband Internet and Digital Cable

CATV Broadband Transceiver
CATV Broadband Transceiver
Item# 500302

500302 - CATV Broadband Transceiver.

The 500302 supports Broadband Internet and CATV Channels 2-142; VHF Channels 2-13; and FM broadcast band. This product works point-to-point via CAT-5 or Point-to-Multi-Point with the CATV Hubs below.

Note: The 500302 does not work between a satellite dish and the satellite receiver since the channel frequencies are too high for Cat5e/6. The 500302 only works with terrestrial RF (i.e. cable TV, local antenna, RF modulators).

Our CATV Broadband Transceiver 500302 allows traditional 75-ohm coaxial cable to be replaced by a single pair of Category 5, or higher, Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable in the CATV, VHF and FM environments in certain applications. Used in pairs, this CATV Broadband Transceiver allows broadband CATV equipment to be integrated into structured cabling systems thereby allowing CATV equipment to be moved or added to any convenient modular wall outlet.

The # 500302 CATV Broadband Transceiver (Balun II) provides a versatile cabling solution for broadband video systems used by schools, government, offices, hospitals, financial institutions, hotels and residential complexes. The 500302 CATV Broadband Transceiver works in conjunction with RF splitters, combiners, amplifiers and cable modems for a total cabling solution. Note: does not support satellite dish RF signals.

Features & Benefits
- Supports CATV Channels 2-142; VHF Channels 2-13; and FM broadcast band.
- 330 ft. (100m) maximum distance via Cat 5 UTP depending on frequency.
- High bandwidth - up to 900 MHz
- Low insertion loss
- Compact design
- Supports broadband Internet and digital cable
- Eliminate costly coaxial cable
- Quicker moves, adds and changes
- Neater wiring

Availability: Ships same day. Note: you need two (2), one at each end, so update the quantity to two.


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