Send Video and Audio over Cat5 with Baluns

AV over CAT5
Video and Audio Baluns allow you to send analog and digital signals over Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 cables.

Please scroll down to see our extensive selection of professional-grade baluns that have been sold world-wide. They are used in multiple applications and industries, such as home-theater, security, casinos and anywhere where AV signals need to be sent over short and long distances over one or two cables.

Baluns is a made up word that combines the words "Balanced and Unbalanced." Baluns works because an electronic component is used, usually a transformer, to change the "unbalanced" audio and video signals to a "balanced" signals. When a signal is balanced, then you can send it over "unshielded twisted pair" (UTP) cables, usually referred as Cat5, "ethernet" or LAN cables. Baluns do not change the type of signal sent, it just balances the signals, so there are baluns for sending analog video and digital video, such as HDMI and DVI. However, baluns work on a point-to-point basis and the signals can't be mixed with ethernet or LAN traffic.

See below our comprehensive offering of products for sending Audio and Video over CAT5 or CAT6 Unshielded Twisted Pair - UTP - Cable. Sending AV over CAT5 is an excellent alternative to using regular coaxial cable; you can run the signal longer and with less interference, plus it is a lot more economical. In addition, using inexpensive Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 cables and baluns on a point-to-point basis you do not have to worry about how to run the signal over an Internet Protocol or "IP network." However, if you need to run the analog signals over your IP Network, please consider our "AV over IP" products.

The picture above is of product 500051 that allows you to send Component Video plus Digital Audio over Cat5. The bottom part o the picture shows the RJ45 connector, where the Cat5 cable plugs in.

If you want to send DVD quality Audio and Video over your IP Network (LAN or WAN, or internet) consider our Video over IP Solutions.

Below are our AV Baluns made in North America. Please avoid cheap chinese copies. We provide free technical support and most of our baluns come with a Lifetime Warranty. You are welcome to try them risk free, we offer a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.