HDMI to VGA with Stereo Audio. Discontinued

HDMI to VGA with Audio
HDMI to VGA with Audio
Item# HDMI-2VGA2
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The HDMI to VGA Converter with Stereo Audio is the perfect bridge between digital HDMI sources and analog VGA displays, such as VGA monitors, LCD displays and projectors. If you want to know how to connect your HDMI source to an old TV or DVD Recorder send us an email!

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There's no need to spend money on new monitors, projectors or HDTVs; use your existing VGA equipment!

We provide a 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee on all our products.

This adapter will NOT work with the new Lightning to HDMI Adapter that is required with the iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 4, and iPod touch 5th generation. However, you can "Airplay" these devices to an Apple TV 3rd generation and then connect the Apple TV to this product and then to a VGA display. This is an ideal product to connect an iPad to a VGA monitor using Airplay and the Apple TV.

The HDMI to VGA converter is "plug and play" since it automatically detects the HDMI input resolution from your source and matches it to the corresponding VGA resolution of your display. There are no buttons to press, or software to configure or external power supply required!

Applications include any time where your source video is HDMI and you have no HDMI input on your display! Please scroll down for application diagrams.

How does the HDMI to VGA converter compare with an HDMI to HDMI connection? In order to make this comparison we connected a DVD player to our HDTV that has both VGA and HDMI input. There is no noticeable difference! When connecting a DVD Player to the HDTV with the HDMI to VGA converter the PC input resolution defaults to 640x480; when connecting the DVD Player to the HDTV with an HDMI cable the HDMI resolution defaults to 720x480 or 480p. We played the movie Avatar and could not tell the difference between either connection.

The HDMI to VGA converter also converts the digital audio signal to an analog stereo audio signal. There is no noticeable lip-sync or audio lag issues. You can use it to convert the video and the audio together or separately since the audio and video conversions are not dependent on each other. For instance, if your HDMI source has audio, you can use the HDMI to VGA converter to just convert the audio.

Since DVI is the same signal as HDMI (without the audio) this product will also convert a DVI signal to VGA. If your DVI source also has audio, you can route it separately to your display or speakers.

This product will work with HDMI or DVI video sources, such as:
- DVD Players with HDMI output
- Apple TV. It is ideal to "AirPlay" from an iPad2 or other AirPlay compatible Apple Products
- Tablets with HDMI output
- Laptops with HDMI output
- Netbooks with HDMI output
- Ultrabook laptops with HDMI output
- Digital Cameras with HDMI output
- Digital Cameras with mini-HDMI output; with adapter
- Smartphones with HDMI, mini-HDMI, or micro-HDMI output; with the adapters
- Computers or laptops with DisplayPort using adapter to HDMI
- Sources with Mini DisplayPort using Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter
- Sources with Micro HDMI using our Micro-HDMI to HDMI adapter.
- Sources with Mini HDMI with our Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter

As mentioned above, this product will not work with Apple's Lightning to HDMI adapters. However, if you want to connect Apple products that have a Lightning connector directly to a VGA projector or other VGA display you can consider our Lightning to VGA adapter. With this adapter you do not need to use an Apple TV to airplay - you simply connect our Lighting to VGA adapter to a VGA cable and then to your VGA projector or other display! If you want to know how to record the content on your Apple product with a Lightning connector please email us!

It will auto-detect the following HDMI input resolutions:
480i; 480p; 576i; 720p; 1080i; and 1080p

It will auto-convert the HDMI input resolution to the corresponding VGA resolution that your monitor can support. Your HDMI source, such as the Apple TV, may allow you to change the HDMI resolution and thus allow the converter to output to a different VGA resolution.

It will output a VGA signal so you can connect to:
- VGA monitors
- VGA projectors
- VGA over CAT5 products
- VGA distribution amplifiers
- VGA to Video converters
- other devices with VGA input

It requires no external power supply and it auto-detects 50Hz or 60Hz vertical frequency for world-wide applications.

This product has a male HDMI connector on one end and a female HD15 VGA connector on the other end. It only works for converting from HDMI to VGA, not from VGA to HDMI.

Please consider the following optional couplers, cables and adapters:
- Female HDMI to female HDMI coupler to connect to your HDMI cable
- Female HDMI to Male HDMI cable for extra distance
- DVI to HDMI cable to connect to a DVI source and the HDMI coupler above
- DVI to HDMI cable with Audio and the HDMI coupler above.
- Male to Male VGA cable for the video connection only
- Male to Male VGA with Audio cable for the video and audio
- VGA plus Audio over CAT5 products to go the distance over CAT5
- Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter to connect from a MacBook Pro or other source with a Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt connector
- DisplayPort to HDMI adapter to connect regular DisplayPort sources.
- Mini DVI to HDMI adapter
- Micro HDMI to HDMI adapter
- Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter

Availability: Discontinued

The diagram below shows how to use the adapter with the Apple TV2 to AirPlay from the Apple products described below.
The picture below shows the 720p resolution that is output from a MacBook Pro to the secondary monitor when using a Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI adapter and the HDMI to VGA converter. This resolution is excellent for mirroring your iPad2 through the Apple TV2 using AirPlay. See the note above for other Apple products that support AirPlay with our HDMI to VGA converter. Why only 720p resolution? It is the resolution that Apple considered optimal for wireless transmission using the Apple TV and AirPlay.

The picture below shows the higher resolution of 1600x900 that can be obtained when connecting a MacBook Pro to the HDMI input or a DVI input with the corresponding Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI or Mini-DisplayPort to DVI adapters.

The picture below is the default resolution of 1440x900 that is obtained when using the Mini-DisplayPort to VGA adapter and connecting directly to the display with a VGA cable. This resolution is very good, however, if your display can go higher, you can manually adjust the resolution, as in the example below this picture that supported 1920x1080.

The picture below shows the screen resolution of 1920x1080 that can be manually selected when using the Mini-DisplayPort to VGA adapter and connecting directly to the VGA input of a display that can support 1920x1080. This is not using the HDMI to VGA adapter. As you can see, using the Mini-DisplayPort to VGA adapter allows you to utilize the higher resolution on your display. These screen-shots where made using a MacBook Pro; the resolutions that you obtain will depend on your output and input video. The pictures show how going from a Mini-DisplayPort to VGA will provide you with a higher resolution than using a Mini-DispalyPort to HDMI or DVI adapter.

Note: if you are using a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter from a video source that outputs 1080p by default (such as a MacBook Pro) and are connecting directly to the HDMI to VGA converter and then running a VGA cable to the display or projector you will have to manually change the resolution on the secondary screen to 720p. You have to do that since you will see a vary wavy picture at 1080p resolution - this happens if your display or projector can't support higher than 720p resolution.