HDMI 3 ft. cable

HDMI 3 ft Cable with Nylon Mesh
HDMI 3 ft Cable with Nylon Mesh
Item# HDMI-3FT-G
$5.95, 10/$49.50

The 3 ft. HDMI cable has a nylon mesh and gold-plated connectors. Note: There are only 18 left - after we are sold out this 3 ft. HDMI cable will require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 1,000 and a 10 week lead time.

If you do not need the nylon mesh, please consider our HDMI-MM-3FT cable that does not require an MOQ.

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Don't pay more for "3D and Ethernet" cables. There are some HDMI cables sold that "support Ethernet" to share an internet connection but there are no devices manufactured with ethernet support on the HDMI port! Also, 3D was just a fad to get you to buy a 3D monitor and use those stupid 3D glasses...

For almost all connections you do not need a cable that is longer than 3 feet and you do not need 3D or Ethernet support. Get an HDMI 3 ft. cable at a great price!

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Comment from customer: "I just wanted to say how absolutely satisfied I am with your products and service. I literally saved $100 on each HDMI cable that I ordered and I received it in 3 days! I have already told my friends about your store. Excellent product and service."

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