Frequently Asked Questions on how to connect laptop/notebook computer to a TV.

Question: How do I connect my notebook computer's S-Video "TV/Out" to my TV?

Answer: If the S-Video "TV/Out" jack has 4 or 7 pins, then consider our S-Video to TV adapter. If you also want the audio, then consider our exclusive Pro S-Video + Audio adapters.

Question: How do I connect my notebook's S-Video Out to watch and record DVDs on my VCR?

Answer: Consider the S-Video to VCR package.

Question: We have a TV/VCR combo on our motorhome and want to watch DVDs from our laptop, how do I connect the laptop to the TV?

Answer: Consider our "S-Video to VCR" package.

Question: We have a TV with a yellow video and white/red audio inputs, how do we connect our laptop to it?

Answer: Consider our
Pro S-Video + Audio adapters.

Question: My TV does not have a yellow or white/red AV inputs, just an RF Coaxial Antenna input, how do I connect my laptop/notebook or DVD to it?

Answer: Consider our
S-Video to Coax package or the "S-Video to VCR" package if you want to connect Through your VCR.

Question: I'm in the UK have a Dell laptop and it does not display color when set to PAL video.

Answer: If you have Microsoft XP installed and have an ATI Mobility Radeon video driver the driver does not detect TV format automatically, instead it always outputs in AV2 Stereo format. Because of this you'll get a black and white picture on a TV which supports only AV1, but you'll get a color signal on a TV that has options for both of AV1 and AV2. You'll need to download the latest DELL C610 video driver from www.support.dell.com and then the laptop will detect the TV automatically as PAL1 and you'll get a COLOR signal with the S-Video to SCART adapter from svideo.com.

QuestionI am trying to capture video off of my VCR into my PC via my s-video port. What is the best cable that you offer for this. All of the VCR outputs are female and my s-video port is female.

Answer First of all you need to make sure that the s-video on your PC allows for video "input". Most s-video connectors on PCs are for s-video output and only a few graphics cards allow s-video input.

Anyway, you also need to consider that s-video is just for video...the audio is separate and is input Through the mic or line-in jacks.

To take a composite video signal from your VCR and convert it to s-video I would consider an "RCA to S-Video" adapter at http://www.svideo.com/rcatosvideo.html These adapters were optimized to go from RCA to an S-Video jack. You will not get a "true s-video" signal since these adapters are passive, but even you were willing to spend 100+ for an active adapter, the difference is not that great, in particular since you're starting with a tape from a VCR.

You can also consider other bi-directional adapters or adapters that were designed to go from S-Video to RCA, however, there's a chance that a faint criss-cross pattern over the reds may be visible, causing the image to be darker overall.

How to connect Laptop to TV
Slide Show of the Pro S-Video to 3 RCA
TV Connection Guide
S-Video Male to RCA Male Cable
S-Video Male to RCA Male Cable MSV-MRCA-XX
Pro 4-Pin S-Video to 3 RCA
Pro 4-Pin S-Video to 3 RCA PRO-SV3RCA-6
Pro S-Video to 3 RCA 12 ft
Pro S-Video to 3 RCA 12 ft PRO-SV3RCA-12
Pro S-Video to 3 RCA 24 ft
Pro S-Video to 3 RCA 24 ft PRO-SV3RCA-24
S-Video to RF Coax TV Package
S-Video to RF Coax TV Package SV-RF-COAX-1
S-Video-Out_on_Laptop:  Length: 
S-Video to Scart
S-Video to Scart ProSCART-INPUT-6
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