S-Video to RCA, 12 ft. Free Shipping*

S-Video Male to RCA Male Cable 12 ft
S-Video Male to RCA Male Cable 12 ft
Item# MSV-MRCA-12

Exclusive Male S-Video to Male RCA Convertor - 12 ft. We only sell direct to you from our factory...no sales to distributors, dealers, resellers or etailers.

LIFETIME WARRANTY. This adapter plugs into the 4-pin or 7-pin "s-video out" jack of your laptop/notebook/desktop (or other s-video source) and into the yellow video-in jack ("RCA" type jack) of your TV.

Customer comment: "This cable takes the place of a 200 dollar dvd player since I can use my computer to watch dvds on the tv now... very groovy..."

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