Pro S-Video to 3 RCA, 50 ft.

Pro S-Video to 3 RCA, 50 ft.
Pro S-Video to 3 RCA, 50 ft.
Item# PRO-SV3RCA-50
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Our "Pro 4-Pin S-Video to 3 RCA" connects your computer's 4-Pin S-Video-out and stereo audio to your TV's 3 RCA connectors for video (yellow) and stereo audio (red and white).

You can order the 50 ft. cable above. It is also available in 6 ft., 12 ft., 24 ft., and 36 ft.

If your laptop has a 7-pin S-Video connector then consider our exclusive Pro 7-pin S-Video Cables.

Watch movies and other media on the large screen TV instead of the laptop screen.

We manufacture these adapters and only sell them here. Made with our exclusive, professional broadcast-grade cable.

The cables are joined "siamese style" and can separated as much as you want.

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