Pro 7-Pin S-Video to 3 RCA

Pro 7-Pin S-Video to 3 RCA
Pro 7-Pin S-Video to 3 RCA
Item# 7PIN-3RCA-6
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Connect a desktop or laptop with 7-pin S-Video to a regular TV or HDTV. Click on the part number below for different lengths.

Part No. 7PIN-3RCA-6
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Length 6 Ft. 12 Ft. 24 Ft. 36 Ft. 50 Ft.

The easiest way to connect your laptop or desktop computer to a TV is with our cables. For instance, if your laptop has a 7-pin "S-Video Output" use the cable featured here. If your laptop does not have a 7-pin connector, then see our connection guide below.

Note: Netflix does not want you to know how easy it is to connect your laptop to your TV, because then you will also see how easy it is to view free internet videos without the need for Netflix. Anyways, if you do have Netflix, then use our cables to connect to your television without the need for a set-top box. If you do not have Netflix search for let me watch this and see millions of free movies.

If your laptop has a 4-Pin S-Video connector, then please order the Pro 4-pin S-Video to 3 RCA.

Our Pro 7-Pin SVideo + Audio to 3 RCA Cable cable allows you to connect the 7-pin S-Video output on your laptop or desktop to a TV that only has the yellow, red and white RCA connectors.

We manufacture this broadcast quality 7-pin cable and only sell direct, we do not sell this products to distributors, retailers or other internet stores. Get the original and the best.

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