Audio and Video over CAT5

AV over Cat 5
We offer you a complete line of products to send audio/video over Category 5 (CAT 5) cable on a point-to-point connection. Read below why using CAT 5 cable is better than coaxial cable.

If you want to send Audio and Video over IP (IPTV) then consider our AV over IP Products.

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We offer an extensive product line of audio and video over Category 5 (Cat5) so that you can use your structured cabling. In addition, our solutions can be used for "point-to-point" as well as for broadcasting a/v over Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6.

What is a Balun? A balun is an impedance transformer that allows you to send a signal that requires a certain impedance value (such as 75 ohm for video) over a cable that has a different impedance (such as CAT5 that has 100 ohm impedance). You need one at each end, one to transform the original impedance to the impedance of the cable and the other to transform it back to the original impedance.

A VIDEO BALUN is the key component that allows you to transmit VGA, RGB, YPbPr. YCbCr, S-Video and Composite video or audio over Cat5. It's important to use video baluns when sending video over Cat5 since the impedance specifications of Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 are 100 ohms. Video requires 75 ohm impedance and you'll introduce artifacts to your video without a balun. Basically, if there's an impedance mismatch the signal will be reflected from the receiver back to the transmitter causing delays in the signal transmission; the delays have a ghosting effect on the picture. It's like your TV on drugs.

See our product line of both active and passive solutions to transmit video and audio over Cat5.